Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28

Last week, my university was on Spring Break. We align our two "vacation" weeks in the second semester with the public school vacation schedule for Maine.

I spent two nights and three days at a spa retreat at the Cliff House in Ogunquit, ME. (see photo) I've been doing this for the past three years with a good friend and colleague. It is an annual event that I look forward to. A hot stone massage gives one a different perspective on things - momentarily, at least!

Today I have a meeting with a rep from TIAA-CREF. I want to review (once again!) my income options. Seems like this should be an easy decision, but I can complicate it pretty good. Given the current state of our economy, the choice of an income option becomes a bit more complicated than say a year ago.

I continually seek the advice of my financial team which is composed of my financial adviser, my accountant, and whichever TIAA-CREF rep comes to campus. I think the bottom line for me is to not lock myself into any options that I cannot change in the future.

We are looking more spring-like here in this part of Maine. The temperatures have greatly improved...we'll be in the the low 70's today. Days like this make it easy to think about the fun parts of retirement...kayaking and playing golf, in particular

Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is the day after tax day and the sun is shining and the sky is a cloudless blue morning. The temperature in this part of Maine is 35 degrees (and that's above zero!). This time of year in Maine, we say it is warming up. Whereas if this was FAll, we would say that Winter is knocking on our door!

Our room selection processes finished up two days ago. I have signed my last room and board license of my career and I must admit that I have no regrets about that!

Human Resources has sent me paperwork - not too bad, only four pages to fill out. This is the institutional path to retirement. Woo Hoo!

I have several vacation days available to use before July 1. I had thought that I would use up this time by taking Fridays off. And becasue I have so many days, i.e. 29 and counting, I thought an occasional mid week afternoon away from the campus to play golf would be a good idea as well. What I had not figured in was the workload that is typical this time of year and into the early part of the summer to wrap up an academic year. I do not want to be a slacker just because I am about to retire. All of which is to say, my plan is back on the drawing board...not my plan for retirement but a plan for using my vacation time. Stay tuned.