Friday, May 1, 2009

You are looking at Camden Harbor (ME) taken in the month of July. When I look at this, I think about how great this firs Summer in retirment will be . And, when I think about Summer, I think about how I am going to be able to enjoy the Fall season so much more in retirement than when I was working.
I have a beautiful view outside my office window. It seems like Fall arrives overnight and the leaves on the trees outside my window have changed from green to shades of yellows and reds. And before I know it the leaves are gone and the tree is bare.
This Fall will be different. I will be looking out windows that are not my office. I can actually have time to be out and about looking at the beautiful foliage that Maine has to offer.
In the meantime and back to reality, we are moving into our last week of classes followed by exam days and graduation on May 16th. There is much to do in the next couple of weeks which makes Fall seem a long ways away.

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