Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am adding photos of good friends/colleagues as I am thinking a lot about them these days and trying to figure out how we will stay connected once I am out of picture so to speak. They are significant people to me. I will continue to be interested in their good work with students and in what is happening in their lives in general. Given all the readily available options in electronic communications, staying in touch is made easier perhaps.

Today is our last day of exams and our residence halls will close tomorrow morning...both of these events signal an end to the academic year. My staff is ready for it. They have grown weary.

I'm packing up one home to move to another home. I load up my car on week-ends to move "stuff" from one place to another. One home looks more empty while the other home fills up. How come we have soooo much "stuff".

Moving provides the opportunity for cleaning out and reorganizing - both in my home and at work. For cleaning out my office, I have saved the month of June. Once I start going through files and all the "stuff" I have collected and think necessary to hang on to, my organization skills will kick in readily.

In the meantime, we focus on finishing and cleaning up from another year. It's what we do.

And so it goes....

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