Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here are two of my favorite NASPA Region 1 colleagues. They have a great sense of humor, are two smart guys from whom I have learned a lot. It is overwhelming to me as to how I can let my colleagues know how very much they mean to me. I'm thinking that when I am retired, I will use the old method of letter writing - you know, the pen and paper kind- to tell them so.

I think about this blog often, but do not seem to get myself to sit still long enough to pen some thoughts about my impending retirement. I seem to be able to post something once a month and I would say that is a very slow blog! Oh, well.

My retirement was to begin July 1. As it turns out, it will begin August 1. It seems that my anniversary date when I began to work at the university is a significant date. If I work until my anniversary date, the university deposits more money into my retirement account and that is pretty significant...not the amount so much, but rather every little bit counts and what's another month - another full paycheck and being with people i like very much.

There is not much paperwork to retirement in terms of the process required by my university which is good as it is not one of my
favorite things to do ... fill out forms. It seems impersonal. I would rather write a letter to the university saying some things like: thank you for this experience - well, for most of the time; I learned a lot; I met some great people; I liked the location; I feel like I made a contribution from time to time; I will miss you.

The time of transition has begun. Given the budget situation at my campus, they are postponing a national search for my position for at least two years. (I may have said this already in my earlier blogs). We have promoted two of my staff to co-lead the department. It is an economical way to go and it will be an excellent experience for each of them. And, it makes it very easy for me because they are a known entity to me and me to them. I have begun to step back and to let them begin to take more of a lead.

A sunny day here in Maine..."The Way Life Should Be" (our state marketing
motto!). My golf league has started. At this game, I am good when I do not expect to be and I"m not so good when I try to be. Hmmm...sounds like the making of a philosophy of student affairs.

And so it goes...

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